Rent A Boat

Rent a boat in Ithaca Greece and live an amazing experience: explore calm, beautiful bays with crystal clear light-blue waters and coastline with unique rock formation. This is how we describe boating in the Ionian Sea!!!


Our Office can provide you either with small Compass Boats that do not require licence and also with Rib ones that a licence is required. The boats that we propose are easy to be driven both by a professional and by an amateur, so do not hesitate to live this amazing experience. Our expertise crew will be there to answer all the possible questions you may have about your navigation and tour.


Make your search among the variety below, and make sure that you choose the one that meets your standards. Compass Boat are ideal for a 5-people group and also for couples that they wish to have a romantic tour around the coastline, together with a cup of wine. Our Rib Boats are an excellent choice for 6-9 group of friends, that are looking to live an adventure and enjoy the power of riding the waves in Ithaca waters.

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