Ithaca Activities

Ithaca Activities, is the thing that you do not want to miss during your stay in the island!

Our tourist Office offers you a variety of amazing activities, such as sea kayaking, scuba diving and guided walks that will turn your vacation  into memorable days. Ithaca’s waters are the ideal for this kind of activities. Ithaca’s ocean is well known for its vivid fishing life and the deep blue ocean. Of course, the mountains and the paths that are hidden across the mountains are a great choice of discovery, especially in the summer time.


Do not hesitate to contact with us, if any question about the above services comes up.

Scuba diving

Enjoy a great experience while diving in our beautiful deep waters. Our expertised parntner will help you both discover the ocean and also become a professional diver with a diploma if you wish

Sea kayaking

We can arrange day trips all around ithaca island and multi-day trips around the middle of the Ionian Sea. We have many different trips for beginners or experienced paddlers.

Guided Walks

We can also design custom hikes according to the attraction you want to visit and to your fitness level. There are plenty of paths around the archaeological site of Homer’s School (Odysseus Palace). Also, there is a great network of paths and dirt roads at the South Side of the island.

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