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Sea kayaking tour

Summer is coming…

If you are adventurous the best choice for your summer vacation would be an unforgettable sea kayaking tour, together with our experienced partner!!

You will have the chance of exploring hidden places, caves and sea landscapes, that you couldn’t do otherwise!

Invite your friends and family to live this adventure together, cause the key factor for sea kayaking is a beautiful company to share the experience!!

Explore the unexplored!!! Wander around places you cannot reach by foot !! Get lost in the deep sea, away from the civilization. The only sound you will hear, is the waves and the wind blow!

We assure you that you will be stunned by this adventure !! We can tell that from our experience!! Do not miss this chance.!

We can arrange day trips all around Ithaca island and multi-day trips around the middle of the Ionian Sea. We have many different trips for beginners or experienced paddlers.

For further information visit our website https://ithacatravel.gr/en/ to get informed about our various services that you might be interested and especially the activities  https://ithacatravel.gr/activities/ .

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