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Fishing Boats

Ithaca is well known for its marine life.  Wandering around the island , the small fish boats will catch your attention, for sure!

Many inhabitants go fishing really often, due to the fact that fishing is like a tradition here. Also, a huge percentage of the locals used to work as seamen in the past years, so life in the sea is like their second nature. They cannot live without it!!

When the sea is peaceful, locals don’t miss the chance of going fishing! It is like a hobby for them that makes them relax from daily routine. They may spend the whole night out in the dark blue , waiting patiently for a fish to be caught!!

In wintertime all fish boats are sleeping at the marine corner of the island, at Vathy. Different shapes and different colours demonstrate a beautiful landscape that is memorable!!

In summetime, fish boats and fishing in general takes second place in the life of the island and the locals, and that’s because tourism takes all their attention and time.

However, fish boats with their exceptional beauty will always be the first thing to notice and remember!!

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